Aladdin (2006)


This body of work called ‘Aladdin’ is based on collections of different coloured glassware from a variety of design periods. Like a shepherd herding sheep each piece of glassware is carefully sourced from flea markets, car boot sales and junk shops. The groupings of glassware although different in shape, texture and function are united by their respective colour. There are eight different colours in the series, amber, blue, clear, green, purple, red, rose and turquise. By composing a large collection of the same coloured objects a certain power and presence is instilled in the group. Aladdin questions how objects are perceived through presentation.

The collections are housed in light box vitrines which resemble museum showcases, which would normally be used to display artefacts, but here they function as light tables. When illuminated the glassware magically glows like luxurious jewels. Although the glassware is presented in a precious way giving the objects a treasure like appearance, ‘all that glitters is not gold’.

Size – 1282 x 1282mm / 979 x 979mm / 802 x 802mm / 674 x 674mm

The height varies according to the glassware, but the average height is 450mm

Material – Vintage glassware, painted MDF light box with fluorescent tubes & toughened glass vitrine.