I was invited by Creativity Works in Lancashire to produce a new work based on the Howarth Art Gallery’s Tiffany glass collection which is the largest outside the USA.

Tiffany glassware is commonly associated with lighting pieces, in particularly table lamps and ceiling lights with intricate dome shaped shades. With this in mind, I decided to create a piece of work which incorporated lighting to accentuate and celebrate the translucent quality of glass.

Nature and the 3 elements Water, Air and Fire had strong influences on Tiffany designs and so I wanted to reference this aspect in my work. I was drawn to the ubiquitous pressed crystal glassware which is displayed in many UK households. This glass is heavily textured with angles and cuts which are reminiscent of ice crystals.

Tiffany glass utilizes many different manufacturing processes which create a variety of sophisticated and decorative finishes such as Ring Mottle Glass and Herringbone Ripple Glass. The results are extremely colourful and ornate. I therefore decided to go in the opposite direction and eradicate colour from my work and purely utilize the distinctive textural aesthetic and forms of pressed crystal glassware.


The remit for this Design Festival 2010 commission was to create an installation utilising material originating from John Jones, the renowned art framers. Hence my starting point and raw material for this piece are bespoke picture frame mouldings of different sizes, shapes, types of material and colours.

Exploring the V&A for suitable and available locations for the installation I decided upon an elegant marble staircase. The work aligns the structural architecture of staircases with the ‘right angle’ sample mouldings commonly displayed throughout the picture framing industry.

The analogy of those two shapes gave me the idea of cladding the staircase in the multitudes of mouldings available to create a work akin to 3D graffiti on a traditional staircase. Reminiscent of the yellow brick road in ‘The Wizard of Oz‘ a marble pathway clear of frames enables the viewer to walk through the installation.


I was elected by Commissions East to create an artwork for the imposing foyer of the new building situated on the regenerated Ipswich waterfront. Utilising 36 handmade Russian Ballet tutus this large scale chandelier is constructed to resemble a tall narrow flower head. There are 12 tiers each containing 3 tutus and fading in colour from dark strawberry to pale Champagne.

UFO – CHAYA RESTAURANT ( Downtown Los Angeles)

Commissioned through Cibone Gallery in Tokyo, the architects and owner of this Japanese restaurant wanted a large scale light feature which would contrast against the more classical Japanese interior and design.

Using thousands of coloured translucent & transparent plastic objects purchased primarily at Pound Shops, an archive of kitsch cheaply produced objects are brought together to form a flying saucer of ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’.

THE BIRDS, BATS & BEES ( 27.06.08 )

The BBQ Bat House is a fully functional bat house created from black plastic sausage packaging trays.

Internationally renowned artists and designers were commissioned to create hand-made prototype habitats for the rapidly declining numbers of bird, bat and bee species in UK urban areas. These bird, bee and bat houses were created using Phillips de Pury & companys waste such as cardboard, crates, invitations, catalogues, plastics and other recycled materials. Over 45 prototypes were auctioned on 24.06.08 in London at Phillips de Pury & Company, the proceeds of which will benefit Adventure Ecology’s Foundation, Sculpt the Future.

Participating artists and designers are Tomoko Azumi, Jurgen Bey, Martino Gamper, David Harrison, Stuart Haygarth, Henry Krokatsis, Max Lamb, Peter Marigold, Tom Luis Berrios Negron, Tom Price, Raw Edges, Rolf Sachs, Sir Paul Smith, Michael Sodeau, Marcus Tremento, Gavin Turk and Christopher Williams.


I was commissioned to make work for three windows in Selfridges store positioned on Orchard St, W.1. The work was part of the Storm Project with ideas based around windswept and moody coastlines. I created three sculptural pieces based on collections of man made debris that I had collected over several years on Dungeness Beach in Kent, UK. Each sculpture rotated in its own window space. Two of the works created a pair, Barnacle ( white) is created from white plastic objects and Barnacle ( black) is created from black plastic objects. The plastic acts in a similar manner to barnacles which attach themselves to objects in the sea such as ships hulls. The 3D star shape refers to the sinister Second World War depth charges. These spherical spikey bombs floated freely in the sea until making contact with the hulls of passing ships or submarines.

The third sculpture was made from over 300 pairs of orange fishermans gloves called Harpon 321 which are widely used in the fishing industry because they are extremely robust. Finding these gloves always creates dark morbid thoughts and stories - what happened to the person who was once wearing the glove? Although each glove is identical when manufactured, after a life on the sea each one becomes different, showing stains and discolourment.

The physical appearance of the gloves reminds me of the hardy beach vegetation found on Dungeness beach or exotic sea urchins.


I was commissioned to produce a hanging installation in the stairwell of the new Cheltenham store. The installation was created from a large selection of Habitat products ranging in size and function. I produced a cascade of products which appeared to defy gravity and perspective. The largest products were positioned ( on steel cable) at the top of the structure and the smallest at ground level. When standing on the ground floor looking up, the viewer would be surprised to see the heaviest objects floating up the highest while the smallest appeared to be floating heavily at the bottom.


Deptford Market is one of London’s most exciting hidden treasures. For centuries the weekly markets have been a pulse in the lifeblood of a community that is constantly renewing itself.

The Deptford Design Market Challenge brings together an eclectic mix of 27 of the world’s top designers for an inventive and provocative project. The designers, who include Conran and Partners, Stuart Haygarth, Marti Guixe and Based Upon, were invited to pick a second-hand object – a paint box, a guitar, a basket of toy soldiers – bought from Deptford Market. The task was to challenge preconceptions of usefulness and beauty, using their talents to re-work the item, creating something unique, desirable and functional. My chosen item was a punch bowl set which I transformed in to a unique candelabra.


Along with other international designers I was invited by Vogue Nippon to design a childrens night light. The designs were auctioned and the proceeds donated to UNICEF.

The light is based on the ubiquitous round plastic capsules (containing small gifts) found inside vending machines. The machines target and entice children to place money in the machine and in return receive a random gift.

There is an element of surprise and luck involved because it is uncertain which capsule will drop down in the dispenser. The design is a dramatically scaled up version of a capsule and contains a variety of clear spheres each containing a magical clear plastic gift.


I was commissioned by the Design Museum to produce a lighting piece for the stairwell during the Design Mart exhibition in September 06. The result was Twentytwenty a light created from hundreds of prescription spectacles and sunglasses. ....more

SHARPS PROJECT (2003-2006)

Terrorism and security has become a key issue in contemporary society and is of global importance. Airport security plays a significant role in preventing acts of terrorism especially after the tragedy of 9/11 in the USA.

As a result of new regulations every airport is now forming involuntary collections of objects no longer permitted in hand luggage. As my work is based on everyday objects this fascinates me.

With the help of BAA at Gatwick Airport London I have produced a piece of work from two weeks confiscated hand luggage items.The objects have been carefully categorized into seven categories - SCISSORS, VANITY, TOOLS, DRINKING & SMOKING, CULINARY, TOY WEAPONS & MISCELLANEOUS. ....more


I was commissioned by MAC to produce two identical chandeliers for display in their New York and Los Angeles flagship stores. The work had to promote the new vibrant colour range of cosmetics called the ‘Culture Bloom’ collection. They wanted to illustrate an explosion or blooming of colour.

My interpretation was a kind of molecular or planetary explosion called ‘Cosmic Burst’­­

DUNGENESS ( work in progress)

I have been collecting man-made debris from the Dungeness coastline in Kent over many years. I am sorting and categorizing the mass of objects and from each grouping creating a piece of work.

The finished pieces take different forms such as sculptural & functional objects and photographic documentation.

So far I have completed 4 works. The first being ‘Tide Mark’ (2004) which is both an installation piece and a photographic work. Tide Mark is a collection of primarily plastic objects categorized by colour. Starting with white objects and ending with black, a kind of tide mark through the colour spectrum is produced. ....more

Other works include TIDE ( 2005 ), BARNACLE ( 2008 ) and HARPON 321 ( 2008).