Drop (2007)


Drinking mineral water has become an integral part of contemporary culture. There are many brands available and which brand you drink has become a lifestyle statement. One of the repercussions of this healthy drinking culture is the fact that the empty plastic water bottles are littering our landscapes and seas. Landfill sites are being filled at an alarming rate with these plastic containers. Currently at airports we are not allowed to take water bottles through security checks and thousands of empty or half full bottles are confiscated. The water containers used in the work are donated and collected from Stansted Airport, London. This work focuses on the overlooked beauty and variety of these plastic water containers by concentrating on a small detail section, the base. The visual appearance of the plastic is slightly altered to produce a frosted glass like quality.

The first Drop chandelier was produced as a performance piece during Design Miami 2007.

Size – D150cm x H190cm 

Material – PET water containers, monofilament line and painted MDF ceiling panel.