Optical-62BG (2013)


This unique Optical is created from around 80,000 used clear prescriptive spectacle lenses which form an immense glistening and floating sphere 3.5 metres in diameter. The dense mass of lenses form a precise spherical shape with reference to a disco mirror-ball, but rather than the light being reflected the light is refracted through the many layers of lenses. In a similar way to a mirrored disco-ball a magical explosion of light is created throughout the surrounding environment.

The piece was commissioned by Land Securities for the cavernous foyer space of a new glass building designed by archtitects Swanke Hayden Connell and positioned at the heart of Victoria at 62 Buckingham Gate SW1.

Size - D350cm

Materials – clear prescriptive spectacle lenses, micro cable, plywood & LED lighting.