Pyre (2016)


Pyre is an installation created for the exhibition Day Dreaming With Stanley Kubrick held at Somerset House from July to August 2016. The exhibition explored the impact of one of the most innovative and influential film makers of all time through the works of forty five artists. Brought together by Mo'Wax and UNKLE founder, artist, DJ and lifelong Kubrick fan, James Lavelle, the artists each provided a new or existing work inspired by Stanley Kubrick. Responding to either a theme, film, scene or character from the Kubrick archives, or the man himself, together they bring a new perspective on the master filmmaker's life and work. This glowing tower of electric fires refers to a scene in The Shining which Kubrick shot twice, once for Jack Nicholson's take, and once to capture the roaring fireplace in the hotel's  lobby. Kubrick's frequent use of fire as a motif in The Shining was echoed ironically in the burning down of the film's set during production in 1979.


Size – W250cm x D250cm x H300cm

Material – Kee Klamp steel framework, timber base and 70 vintage electric log effect fires.