Tail Light (2007)


We spend a great deal of time behind vehicles, be it as a driver, a passenger or a cyclist. I became intrigued by the lenses covering vehicle lights, their complexity and beauty. I interpreted  these lenses as lampshades for vehicle lights. Each Tail Light is constructed from a series of carefully selected vehicle light lenses primarily from trucks, tractors and trailers. The selected lenses are grouped by style and size and attached to acrylic boxes to form robotic-like structures. There are two versions or configurations, slim and fat. When the vehicle lenses are illuminated they become reminiscent of stained glass.

In 2012 an elegant variation on the original design was created (Tail Light Mk.2) on a smaller scale, which could be placed on the floor or on a table top

Fat : W57cm x  H142cm / Slim : W52cm x H152
Mk.2 : W51cm x D51cm x H60cm

Vehicle tail lights, Perspex, fluorescent tube