Tide (2005)


The original Tide chandelier is part of a larger body of work based on the collection of 'man made' debris washed up on a specific stretch of Kent coastline at Dungeness. After several years the stockpile of collected material was sorted and categorized and several individual pieces of work were produced. In order to keep up with demand my walking and collecting expanded to most of the British south coast and the Dutch coastline.

The Tide chandelier is created from clear and translucent objects of all colours, primarily made of plastic. Each individual element is different in shape and form, yet they come together to produce one perfect sphere. The sphere evokes the shape of the moon whose force created the tide that washed these items ashore. This spherical display of objects could be seen as a celebration of modern manufacturing or a negative display of waste carelessly disposed of in the sea. Both interpretations have a link to human behaviour.

Size: D150cm

Found beach objects, monofilament line, painted MDF ceiling platform & 100w incandescent light bulb.