Urchin (2009)


The last remaining component of the spectacle that I had not utilized within my work were the arms. Just as a butcher finds a use for every portion of the animal and leaves no waste I felt a desire to create a work with the boxes of arms in my studio. I was drawn to their physical appearance and the fact that they are linked more to the ears than the eyes. These ‘shaggy’ organic looking ceiling lights are created from thousands of selected spectacle arms  which are linked together to produce three individual forms. They are modeled on sea urchins the small sea animals whose round body is enclosed in a protective spiny shell. The Urchins are installed flush to the ceiling as if  rooted to the roof of a  deep sea cave. Once illuminated from inside the circular wall of linked arms the light travels through and between the arms to produce a mysterious and other worldly sparkle of light.

Size – Fat: D80cm at top, H60cm
           Slender : D70cm at top, H72cm
           Thin : D50cm at top, H100cm 

Materials – Plastic spectacle arms, black powder coated aluminium armature, piano wire, LED ribbons.