Wing Mirror Tables (2009)


The starting point of these tables was the essential visual component and tool of all cars, the wing mirrors. These overlooked aerodynamic moulded forms although primarily functional are extremely sculptural. I wanted to combine this factor with a human element which was destructive. There is a trend, especially in tight urban areas for motorists to drive too close to parked cars and clip the stationary cars wing mirror. This brief violent action smashes the smooth mirrored surface producing a fractured and fragmented result. These giant pop art scale coffee tables are modeled on the wing mirrors of the Vauxhall Cavalier and the ubiquitous London Black Cab. Both are cast in black resin with an orange peel texture commonly used in the automotive industry. The smashed mirrored surface is laminated with toughened glass which leaves the surface intact and smooth.

Size – Cavalier : L200cm x W127cm x H46cm
           Black Cab : L200cm x W130cm x H46cm

Materials – Black resin, mirror & toughened glass laminate, plywood.